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A revolutionary innovation in greenhouse technology, providing an ideal environment for growing plants or animals with dramatically reduced overhead.

Bioshelters is a recirculating aquaponics facility located in Amherst, Massachusetts. The entire system is contained in a large solar-heated greenhouse called a Bioshelter. Solar structures create the least expensive and best natural environment for plants, animals and people. To learn more about  greenhouse system please follow the link below. Because the fish, plant and human systems are linked, no pesticides can be used on produce.
Hydroponics Aquaculture
Instead where use predatory insects to control the pests naturally. Bioshelters' primary product is a species of fresh water fish called Tilapia, a light white fish (comparable to flounder or sole) indigenous to Africa with rapidly growing worldwide popular demand. The primary hydroponic produce grown in Bioshelter is whole basil plants, and with the success of that crop, pesto has been recently added. This would particularly be of help for countries like Africa, since termites cannot grow in this type of environment, therefore no termites treatment would be required to treat the land, saving overall money.

Bioshelters' facility is unique in that its hydroponic system is directly linked to its aquaculture tanks. In this way, the fish make food for the plants and the plants clean the water for the fish, and the system recycles 99.7% of all its water and wastes. The 0.3% not used is cleaned in constructed wetlands. 

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